Meet our Artists


Splinters~N~ Rust was born out of a desire for a creative outlet while being a stay-at-home mom to two small children. With a love for all things vintage, reclaimed and recycled this small business was launched.  99% of our materials are recycled and sourced in and around Hutchinson, Kansas.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Janice Richardson, a resident of Hutchinson, Kansas is originally from the Carolinas. She pursued a passion for art after growing up watching her mother find joy in drawing and painting. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art at Greensboro College, in Greensboro, NC, she then fell into the world of commercial real estate by chance. The artist side never went dormant in her, as painting and photography were always a hobby. 
After relocating with her husband to Hutchinson, Kansas and becoming a stay-at-home mom, Janice decided it was time to paint again and find the joy that was lacking since her college years. Splinters~N~Rust has been a joint effort of love with her husbands support and helpful carpentry skills.

105 North Main Street Hutchinson, Kansas 



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